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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  November 20, 2010 6:15pm-6:30pm EST

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his principles. who is out there fighting force us? number one. what is going to take is for all of us people to stand up and the man that. people should put down their beer cans and get off of the college and -- couch and beat and that their representatives do that. guest: people are going to be taking a more active role. we are already seeing the tea party on the right. they have already stepped in and saying the people running the republican party are corrupt. i may not agree with their philosophy of governments, but to their credit, they did that.
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the more they stick to the public's expressed sentiments, the more successful they will be. there is tremendous public outrage over the new policies that have been adopted. these are invasive policies that do not work. you want the government to come in and say let's change this policy. why did we spend $25 million on a stimulus plan that created one job? we are not hiring people to work in airports and spot terrorists. the goal of the stimulus plan was something that would have worked in that situation. i would like to see the government and the president stepped forward and lead in this particular situation. i think that is what people want right now.
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host: jane hamsher produced " natural born killers." what how did you go from being felt background -- film background into political right is? guest: i would say it was media. i was interested in the way people were committed -- communicating online and in the blog world. people could talk and interact with the people who were making the political decisions. that appealed to me. the more i got into it and explained the possibilities, the more i said, "what if we get
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this." i decided that with a more compelling place for me. host: the president has been criticized for not communicating his message and what he has trying -- he is trying to do and what have been -- what has been some of his successes. how does the present better get across his message of what it is he is doing and the successes that the administration has had? guest: with the tax cut, for example, people want someone to be straight with them. they want someone who will say this is what i believe is the best thing for the country. this is what i believe is possible. this is what i am going to do. i may lose, but i will pursue what i think is right.
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instead, we are getting mixed messages from the president. they had a communications gaff when a white house staffer came out and said the president was willing to compromise on the tax cut. when that blew up, the president came out and said, that is not what we are going to do. he boxed himself in. they have the house looking to the senate. the senate has a three-hour right where they are yelling at each other. there is nothing coming out of the senate in terms of leadership pipit -- in terms of leadership. you wind up with a rudderless ship.
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be clear and being honest about where we are is the best policy. host: someone from madison, wisconsin sends us this e-mail. do you anticipate a primary challenge to the president in 2012 or a third-party candidate? guest: i cannot see someone challenging the president. i cannot think there is anyone that can do it. the levels of power in the democratic party have been secured by the present. situation that existed in the past for other candidates could arise in the party is not where we are right now. in terms of an independent in the race, it is hard to say. if michael bloomberg runs, we
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could be in a three-way race. but i do not know who the person would be if someone decided to take advantage and step up and challenge. host: christopher is on our line for republicans. caller: how are you? i am angry with obama. my thing is, i loved him during the campaign. i thought he was practically a hero like malcolm x or martin luther king. he really has not lived up to any of his promises. if he failed on everything he did, but he tried as hard as he could, i would still love him.
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i have pictures of him on my wall. he has not been giving this the effort that i thought he would. guest: i think that we are getting into the communication problem. president obama promised a lot of things on the campaign trail. if people did really think he had thought for those values, they probably would not feel as a cynical and the trade as they do at the moment. i think there is a problem when people look up to political figures and expect them to be able to deliver in a system that is not set up for that. rather than explain the systemic problems that are keeping him from being able to fulfil a lot of his goals, i do not think he
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did an effective job with that. there are similar problems in washington d.c. and in our political system. they make many of the things he promised impossible. instead of fighting the fight that he could and going forward and say, this is the fight i am fighting and using the bully pulpit to explain the lack of support, he lost a lot of support. postbank we have an e-mail -- host: president obama campaign on saying he would negotiate free-trade agreements. he had accomplished absolutely nothing. if we want to grow our economy, we need to lower unemployment.
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obama and the liberals do not get it. guest: i disagree with you. i do get that. president obama did campaign on reversing the damage of nafta. i questioned the wisdom of saying he was going to create an incentive to execute the deal with the caribbean. that is not what he campaigned on. it is not a liberal position. there are conservatives that support it, too. it is a broadly popular sentiment that is a disconnected from elites in our government and how they feel. if you are not connected with the public that does not agree with this, you have to explain to them in a persuasive way why you are doing it.
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i do not think that has happened. host: a lot was made of the money spent in the campaign of 2010. in "the washington post," they say democrats plan to fight cash with cash. there is a conference of top democratic governments that wrapped up in washington this week. it underscores a dramatic shift in policies or obama and his aides to rely on their own record-breaking donation efforts. you have a comment about the money, where it is coming from, and what you see is the future, especially for 2012. . ?
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karl rove was able to raise the $3 million. he spent a lot of time convincing but people that the tea party candidates did not know how to run campaigns. that may be true. what he did was spend it on national tv advertising. that meant there was no money for field operations. some were trying to borrow $10 million to run field operations. they could not execute field operations. they could not turn out the bulk -- the vote. karl rove put $25 million into michael bennett's race. he lost that race.
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he spent 25 million according fec. i am not sure that was the absolutely most -- the absolute most efficient use of campaign funds. they might have taken more seats if they had more field operations. if they had done that and if rove had not done that, they might have taken 100 seats. i do not know why the democrats want to replicate that mistake. host: back to the bonds. brooklyn, new york on our line or democrats. caller: good morning to you both. i was wondering if you knew about the 99ers. everyone is talking about the 2 million newly unemployed.
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what about the people that have not gotten benefits since march? how are we supposed to survive? guest: i am sorry that is happening to you. it is wrong that we are not trying to find a way to help people who have been chronically unemployed. it is criminal. this is not what a just society does. we have denigrated people who have been unemployed for a long time and treated them as if they do not want to be employed. we do not include them in the unemployment statistics and say they have stopped looking for a job. it is as if this is a choice. their productivity, what they could be contributed economy is lost. they are losing skills over time
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that will start to affect their ability to ever be employed again over time. it is a terrible problem that thousands are facing with demagoguery. they should be facing courage, compassion, and leadership. i understand the frustration. i understand the problem. we need to put people to work. we need to find them good jobs. that must be the first goal of any politician, a democrat or republican. >> this is the c-span network. we provide programming on history and politics. it is available online and on social networking media site. --


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